There are lots of bars that exist nowadays. But there is nothing like than those bars that already have years of the service. The evolution of bars existed many years ago and the West Country has made it to become one of the historical stories in the world. One of these bars is the Western Saloon. This is a kind of bar that is always willing to serve their customers such as cowboys, soldiers, prospectors, fur trappers, and gamblers.

The first Western Saloon was established in 1822, serving the fur trappers. During the 1850s, its name is inked on directories and known as an establishment for specialized liquor and beer. Beverages are served together with food and lodgings are also part of the services. Eventually, Western Saloons had started to have a close relationship with breweries which went on for the next three decades. Soon, the British’s tied-house system was adopted to better the services.

Western Saloon Services

Western Saloons offer beer, alcohol, rotgut and free lunch. Beers are often served in room temperature since refrigerators were not yet available. Some of these Saloons keep their beers in barrels, which are stored inside or under the bar. Some Saloons create their own beers, though, and make them specialty beers for their top clients.

Most Western Saloons also offer home-made whiskies that include ingredients such as raw alcohol, chewing tobacco and burnt tobacco. This was in time with the founding of the first town in the West. Rotgut was also served for customers who love good combinations of Alcohol. Free lunch packages were also part of marketing strategies, making customers attracted to their complete food, drinks and bed space services. Contrary to expectation that this will cut their income, this actually increases their income because customers need to buy a drink or two to avail of the free lunch and other offers. With this very enticing offer and marketing strategy, Western Saloon owners of those days are really making great profits. Thus, due to the success of saloons, these bar moguls were among the top earners of their times.

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Western Saloon Entertainment

Western Saloons are not just good in offering food and drinks and other traveller-type services but they are also committed in giving their customers the best bar experience through entertainment. Unlike today, entertainments offered in Western Saloons may not be as great but are sure one of a kind and spectacular in those days. They offer dancing girls which for them are considered as prostitutes for entertainment. Aside from the glittering dancing girls, there are also additional entertainments found in Western Saloons alone such as can-can girls, theatrical and piano players. Most Western Saloons also offered casino-like services for entertainment. These include a variety of card games like poker, brag, faro, three-card monte, and even dice games. And though Western Saloons are no longer in today, these games and forms of entertainments are still played to these days. In fact, variety shows started in these saloons. These days, they may be called gag or other names but they are still the same shows that have originated from Western Saloons.

Western Saloon’s Appearance

The architecture of Western Saloons depicts the West of those times. They vary from time and place of their development. Early saloons in secluded areas have simple and if any, a few decorations to completes the appearance of their saloon. Western saloons in cities or main towns, on the other hand are a bit glittery with lights especially at night. But the most typical appearance of a Western Saloon is just how they are depicted in movies—batwing doors at the entrance, a wooden bar with one or two attendants behind barrels of beers, and wooden stools all over the place.

Such appearances of Western Saloons are usually influenced by culture and environment. Some of these saloons have Ethnic influences in style or design. These are the kinds of saloons that are either in locations where ethnic groups are still apparent or that the owner is part of an ethnic community. Some of the best known saloons of those days are very masculine in style and decoration. This is so as these nightspots are only frequented by men and women who come in these places are only those who are either entertainers or with patrons. Western saloons of the 18th century are decorated with Bulls’ heads and/or Wyatt Earps.

Over time, these saloons have also improved in terms of design and style. Sophistication not only on the architecture but the services and entertainment has become the norms. Bartenders have become sights of interest for customers, showing their ability to move and act around while mixing drinks or alcohol together in front of his or her audience.

Bed spaces and lodgings for travelling customers in Western Saloons have also improved over time. These days, its either hotels have bars or bars have hotels for their clients. As in the past, this makes a good marketing strategy. At present, though there may be a lot of modern day bars around the West but old school bars or the Western Saloon legacy lives on. In fact, these few Western Saloons are thriving because they still have what new and modern bars don’t—especially for customers of their time.

And though, these Western Saloons have changed a lot—both in appearance and in their all-manual services– they still have the old ways that attract even the new generation of today. The fun, excitement, and pleasure that Western Saloons offer their clientele are still different from the modern bars of these days. Though there are some people who are avoiding saloons, there are some people who are still for it. It is wonderful to think that there is this place where you can have fun and enjoy with people whom you and about to know. To sum it all up, Western Saloons have made the difference in giving people the luxury in life as well as the privilege to enjoy it to the fullest.